Health IT will dictate how health is provided in the future


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Health IT is hot and health IT will be leading the revolution and health IT will transform itself and health care. The big (and rather comfortable) enterprise health IT will just get stronger and bigger to better support industry consolidation.


The little data feeder and analytics health IT will service the big health IT. It is very possible that some of these new consumer apps will gain huge market share and become big health IT (just big, not enterprise), and most likely this is why venture capital is investing. Take home lesson for little health IT: you can’t beat them, so the best strategy is to join them. And if you think something is missing from this (too) long dissertation, like patient empowerment for example, think again.


Yes, we will have health IT ATMs where we can get a little information when stranded in a strange city, but when was the last time you walked into a Chase bank and cashed a Bank of America check? And when was the last time your Fidelity financial advisor was able to peruse your various accounts at your current bank and all banks you used in the past, to better advise you on saving for retirement? Come to think of it, when was the last time you switched banks? And how much transactional history was interoperated between your old bank and your new bank?


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